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Krooked: The Official Unofficial Barcelona Edit
Krooked: The Official Unofficial Barcelona Edit
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Krooked: The Official Unofficial Barcelona Edit

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

If the last clip in this doesn’t make you laugh your socks off then either you don’t know skateboarding or you have no soul!

Masters of feel good fun, the Krooked crew took up residence in Barcelona and this offcuts phone cam edit shows equal parts mess-about footage/stellar shredding. Shown around the Catalonian capital by the veritable legend that is Jesus Fernandez, they’ve managed to produce a thoroughly entertaining snapshot into skate life in the most rinsed city on earth.

There’s also the hilarious homage that we referred to in the first paragraph; trust us, even if a kickflip up Macba (yeah, you read that right: up) isn’t enough to warm the cockles of your heart then everything will become worthwhile with the comedy genius of the ender – whoever thought of it deserves a grown-man sized high five!

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