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Krooked's "Kay Ar Kay Dee" Video Featuring Tom Knox

Mar 2023 by Louis Parsons

 Never ones to rest on their laurels, the ultra-prolific Krooked team are back in their second Route One Skate Update running, this time taking new recruit Tom Knox on a whirlwind introductory trip around San Francisco. Tom's talents shine as he graces San Francisco's pristine plazas with his quick-footed goodness, each trick done more properly than the last, whilst the rest of Krooked's sundry of well-rounded skaters get his back: Mike Anderson applies his usual unusual approach to each spot; power ams Simon Jensen and Una Farrar provide; and Ronnie Sandoval tackles transitions with grace; whilst watching Tom go back-to-back with everybody's favourite, Bobby Worrest, is an ethereal experience. 

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