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Lakai Canadian Stupor Tour

Aug 2014 by Route One

This latest Lakai clip, from their recent Canadian tour, features a whole host of your favourites -  even the likes of Rick Howard, who has been taking a skateboarding back seat of late, certainly as far as coverage is concerned. You also get some Rick McCrank – who isn’t stoked to hear that!?!?

Obviously you get a fair bit of rad demo footage but, as you’d expect from Lakai, you’re also made party to some serious street action, mates playing about and, if that wasn’t enough,  some pretty obscure terrain getting a good ol’ seeing to.

So, as well as the aforementioned two Ricks there is footage from the likes of Stevie Perez & John Sciano, Lakai Canada riders Ty Peterson, Will Marshall and Pat O’Rourke plus everyone’s favourite: Mr Marc Johnson. Just you wait for his nose slide – the best this year and we’re calling it now!

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