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Little Paradise Montage

Mar 2017 by Route One

Forgive us if we keep on plundering every last morsel that 'Little Paradise' filmer James Harris shares online; so many of our team and staff, both past and present, have been involved with this independent project that we feel more than a little connected to its continued success and exposure to you, the skateboarding viewer.

The latest part to get the Vimeo treatment is that classic skate video stalwart, the friend filled interval montage. In this instance this includes everyone from former R1 staff photog Jason Lewer, current team rider, Blind pro and X Games medallist Sam Beckett, Bristolian locals a plenty and capped off with the magic feet of Welsh Tommy - you can't really argue with a line up like that, can you?

All the footage is captured in James trademark 'washed out' HD style and no part of it is filler for the sake of filler - everyone involved knocks it out of the proverbial park! If you want a realistic representation of UK sponsored skateboarding, you could do a hell of a lot worse than watching this right now!

Little Paradise - Montage from James Harris on Vimeo.

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