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Louie Lopez For Spitfire

Mar 2017 by Route One

Few brands can hold a torch to the revered iconography of Spitfire Wheels and, in the first three months of 2017 at least, few skateboarders can match the all-round trail of destruction laid to waste by Flip skateboards pro Louie Lopez.

From his early long haired days, earnestly attacking every demo and session with the kind of verve that remains as the reserve of youth, through the maturing approach of those years where boy became man, to the fully grown adult we see before us now who, mere weeks ago, walked away as the winner of the illustrious Tampa AM; Louie Lopez has developed before our eyes, and in doing so, we've been lucky enough to witness the making of one of the most exiting skateboarders on the planet right now.

This brand new clip exudes all of that excitement and more; creative lines, the most awkward of spots and traditional all out hammer attacks - Spitfire Wheels exists by selling you the notion that their products facilitate radness, and Louie more than keeps that idea alive. If his Volcom 'Holy Stokes' part cemented his place at the top of the current crop, this lacquers and buffs the finish to a beautiful shine. If you have no idea what we mean by that don't worry, just click play and enjoy some radical skateboard action!

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