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Lucas Puig: Surf's Up
Lucas Puig: Surf's Up
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Lucas Puig: Surf's Up

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One
  • lucas puig skate surfs up

Somehow this managed to slip under the radar of most of the industry, despite it essentially being a fun time clip of one of the greatest talents of the modern era. How that happened god only knows!

 Obviously we're massive fans of Lucas here at Route One. Having first come to our attention as little more than a plucky teenager in the seminal 2004 French Fred filmed Cliche masterpiece 'Freedom Fries' we were lucky enough to interview him not once but twice! To get the opportunity for new Lucas footage is always a pleasure so we're super stoked on this Andale Bearings clip, even if it came out a smidge before Christmas!

 Mixing phone footage, proper cameras and even archive Pamela Anderson Baywatch clips, this is a man who knows every inch of his skateboard (and what he can do with it) having a whole load of fun on holiday. What more do you really need to know!?!

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