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  • By Route One

Macbalife is big in the insta game. Daily doses of you favourite pro's and random folk tearing up those fabled granite slabs out side the museum of contemporary art in Barcelona regularly pull in thousands of likes. It also serves to remind us all that though the Catalunian paradise may seem a million miles from sessioning the damp mossy kerbs of your local Lidl, the endless dry nights and plentiful supply of cheap cervezas are only a quick flight away.

A few months back the heads behind the crew moved into the Youtube game, allowing for longer 'Best of' clips and highlight reals to be enjoyed outside the confines of the one minute maximum the draconian Instagram rules impose, and this is were we're jumping aboard that steady ship to share with you their latest clip.

#Macbagirls should, by it's very nature, be self explanatory but in case any of you didn't do too well in biology we'll break it down: This is girls getting their shred on at one of the best meet-up spots on planet earth! Featuring the talents of Ligiane Xuxa, Raisa Abal, Ainara Garcia, Bego Cortes, Vero Trillo, Larissa Carollo, Vanessa Toledano, Mar Barrera, Clara Ferre and Eugenia Ginepro this is radness personified. Click play now!

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