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Manolo Robles : Forward Slash Remix
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Manolo Robles : Forward Slash Remix

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Veteran Spanish technician Manolo Robles finally got the recognition he deserved when he got a place on the full Darkstar team back in 2011. Fast forward a year and he had a few tricks in ‘Forward Slash’ but nothing you would class as a full part.

Twelve months later, out of nowhere, Darkstar saw fit to release his “remix part”. Remix part? How about one of the most technically innovative sections you are likely to see all year? Full of countless never before seen combos, Manolo manages to make the tricks of his long-time friend Jesus Fernandez in ‘Fully flared’ seem basic: This is an all-out ledge attack you are unlikely to see matched for quite some time!

Forward Slash Remix : Manolo Robles from DarkstarSkate on Vimeo.

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