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Manolo’s 20 years of Chocolate

Aug 2014 by Route One

Remix master Manolo set his sights on perhaps his most ambitious project to date – chopping up and re-editing the very best of the impressive Chocolate Skateboards back catalogue. Has he managed to pull it off? What do you think!?!

Of course it had to start with the late, great Keenan Milton – nobody embodies Chocolate (other than maybe Chico) like Keenan so Manolo’s thoughtful nod is very much apt. We’re then thrust into a melee of timelessly stylish skateboarding that’ll warm the cockles of your heart and get those stoke levels up to eleven in no time.

There’s everyone from Paolo Diaz to Vincent Alvarez, Gino Iannuci to Jesus Fernandez; if you need schooling on the history of one of skateboarding’s strongest brands then this is the video for you. For everybody else this is a fabulously mixed walk down memory lane; whether you've been a fan since ‘Las Nueve Vidas De Paco‘ or ‘Pretty Sweet’ was your introduction – we can guarantee this 15 minutes of Chocolatey goodness is exactly what you've been craving, you just didn't know it!

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