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Marcelo Formiga
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Marcelo Formiga

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Outside of his ‘We are Blood’ appearance, we have to admit we don’t know a huge amount about Brazilian skater Marcelo Formega but, when this clip turned up over in the Sidewalk Magazine forum’s ‘Footage Thread’ the other day, we were massively stoked on it!

Obviously now relocated to Catalonian skate mecca Barcelona, Marcelo has released this clip through his own Youtube channel in association with a number of South American brands unavailable to purchase in this country. Not being able to link you those products doesn’t make this clip any less deserving of a share though!

The Sao Paulo native maintains the long tradition of the South American country producing the highest quality of rippers; just watch for yourself, you don’t need to have visited any of these spots to know exactly how much of a tech badass he is!

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