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Martino Cattaneo Madness Part

Nov 2021 by Route One

Tree rides, awkward rails and Europe's best street transition spots all make an appearance in Madness Skateboards' brand new video, showcasing the frankly ridiculous talents of Martino Cattaneo.

Truth be told, it's genuinely hard to find the words for this one. Every sponsored skater is "good," and those at the level to be hooked up by a Dwindle brand are a step above still, but not many have that indescribable X factor that somehow makes them stand out in a sea of constant quality skateboard media. MJ had it, likewise Busenitz, Gustav Tonnessen and Suciu carry the flag for the current generation and, just maybe, on the evidence displayed here we might be able to add Switzerland's Martino to that list.

After all, having that "indescribable X factor" would account for the fact we're struggling find the words to express how good this is! Maybe best you just watch it for yourself...

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