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Moving Viral
Moving Viral
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Moving Viral

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One
In a week that has already seen top drawer content from Denmark and Norway, it's safe to say Scandinavia is finally getting its shine. So here's a little Heitor Da Silva action to finalise the trifecta of Northern European dopeness!
OK, OK, technically Heitor is Brazilian born but he moved to Norway aged six and studied at Sweden's infamous Bryggeriets Gymnasium so he's defo got that Viking spirit, even if his roots are a tad more south of the equator. Not that it matters, skateboarding transcends borders and Heitor transcends the mortal realm (or so it appears) with his other worldly talent, as perfectly showcased in this brand new clip for adidas.
Looking like a 70's actor of the purient variety and skating like Tom Penny and Bastien Salabanzi had a son who was better than the sum of his parts, even when chilling Heitor properly puts it down. Not that he's always chilling of course; he's not afraid to step into business mode when the situation dictates and 'Moving Viral' illustrates the situation dictates with alarming regularity. 
The fact that he got down to business this much in one solitary trip to Crete really boggles the mind. Thank goodness Austin Bristow was on hand to capture it all for posterity!

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