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National x Vans x Vague

Sep 2019 by Route One

Not content with the traditional two brand collaboration, The National Skateboard Co. have upped the stakes and taken it to three! 

Truth be told, this isn't your usual "what on earth do those brands have in common?" cash grabbing collab. No, this is one of the UK's premiere skate brands releasing a summer tour video they did in association with the Vans UK squad (for those that aren't in the know, long time friend of R1 and The National pro Josh 'Manhead' Young is the Vans TM) and releasing it through the excellent Vague Magazine. This triple threat makes a lot more sense when you break it down like that!

The 'Under Review Tour' primarily focused on three dates (one in May in Leeds, one in Nottingham in July and one in Peckham in August) where the guys basically hung out with the locals and mished about all the lesser seen spots they could find to enjoy the best the city scenes had to offer.

Featuring the aforementioned Manhead alongside cohorts Josh Gregory, Cam Barr, Aaron Jago, our own Daryl Domingueez and more, this is classic UK tour footage captured, as you'd expect, by the immensely talented VX wielding hands of National Skateboards main man Ryan Gray.

"The summer of 2019 saw Vans, The National Skateboard Co. and Vague Mag officially cross paths for the very first time in order to bring the 'Under Review' tour to life. By adopting the age-old 'get in the van' mindset, across the course of four long months, a rotating cast of Vans and The National endorsed individual trekked to towns and cities dotted around the UK in search of overlooked terrain, visiting our friends in retail and skating with a healthy cross section of locals along the way."

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