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New Balance 'Solo Brasileiro'
New Balance 'Solo Brasileiro'
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New Balance 'Solo Brasileiro'

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  • By Route One
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New Balance brings the South American heat through the trusted eye of Russell Houghten and, like virtually everything of his that has come before, this is as visually breath-taking as anything else skate cinema has to offer right now.

As refreshing as it is to know there are people within skateboard media prepared to step outside the tramlines and buck the trends of the moment, none of this would matter without the talent on screen to back it up and, as we all know, the skills run deep with the New Balance crew.

Featuring Arto Saari, Tom Knox, Flo Mirtain, Marquis Henry, Jack Curtin and more as they tour the skate-able architecture of one of the most vibrant countries on earth, this six minute opus illustrates the levels than can be reached when you aim for parity between some of the greatest skateboarding talents in the world and suitably ground breaking video production. Basically you get something as bad ass as this, and nobody can argue with the results on display here!

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