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Nick Boserio 'When You Close Your Eyes What is it You See?'

Nov 2023 by Route One

Suitably nightmarish for the week of Halloween, this brand new clip to celebrate the release of Nick Boserio's pro wheel from OJ is not for the faint hearted!

A series of aged faces, creepily blending into each other, soon makes way for the ultimate in skateboarding terror; the overly aggressive security guard! Thankfully Polar's own Antipodean ripper Nick is a fully bearded man and doesn't submit to those games, meaning the lad gets his clip so the video proper can start!

Moving throughout the urban landscape, showcasing the prowess of his 60mm signature urethane, security guard after security guard gets bested by Perth's finest burler and the Halloween horror show soon turns into a celebration of skateboarding success. Click play to see those Aussie driven wheels come out on top!

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