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Nyjah Til Death
Nyjah Til Death
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Nyjah Til Death

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One
  • nikesb nyjah huston skate til death

Well, it's not too often that we're left speechless and bereft of hyperbole here at Route One, but you boy Nyjah has finally made it happen.

His brand new Ty Evans-produced piece for Nike SB, uploaded to conicide with the release of his debut Swoosh pro shoe, dropped 1am UK time Wednesday morning, and such was the power of his handrail slaying, it pretty much shut down the enitre country! Ok, The Met Office assures us it was the 'Beast from the East' snow snow, but for those of us as immersed in skateboarding as we are, we're not convinced, and it seems equally as likely that motorways and railway stations of our great nation groud to a standstill due to the sheer level of gnar on show in the truly mind-blowing part!

There's no escaping the fact thatthere's a bannister sliding renaissance going on in skateboarding right now, and though the heavy handerail hitters may have taken a backseat to inner city cruisers of late, the approach favoured by your man here is definitely returning to 'in vogue' status, and this part just blew the doors off what may have previously been considered possible. Foy may have stepped it up last year, but Element's marquee pro just hit this out of the park - there's genuinely never been anything like this before!

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