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Oski 'Lil Guben'
Oski 'Lil Guben'
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Oski 'Lil Guben'

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Prior to the release of Polar Skateboards' first full length 'I like it here inside my mind. Don't wake me this time' the internet was abuzz with talk regarding young Oskar Rozenberg and how his journey to superstardom was inevitable once the video reached the viewing public.

Though that didn't quite prove to be the case his name certainly entered the zeitgeist and now, less than 11 months later, this brand new full part courtesy of Thrasher Magazine is sure to be the final propellant to send his name stratospheric - the skateboarding contained within really is that good!

Filmed by the interminably stoked Preston 'P-stone' Maigetter, with his ever entertaining behind camera commentary/vocalised amazement, and showing an incredible array of insane transition based ripping, this really is up there with the recent footage from the likes of DVDL, Ronnie Sandoval and Greyson Fletcher. Raw big park action rarely comes as entertaining as this, so strap in for the hell ride as you're in for one heck of a gnarly time...

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