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Paramount (Palace x Bronze)

Jun 2015 by Route One

Can the internet cope? Will cool kids the world over turn into nothing more than dribbling messes at the simplest mention? And will Shawn Powers actually return to doing some great skateboarding like he used to? All these questions and more came to mind the second we found out about this amazing collaboration between the folk at Bronze and the UK’s most popular export, the amazing Palace Skateboards.

Well, as it stands the internet is still just about running though we can’t comment on the mental state of our nation’s youth – the stoked levels have been high for months so we reckon this clip is maintaining that, hopefully not pushing you all over the edge! And Shawn Powers does indeed skate like a badman, despite landing what is quite possibly the worst half cab flip ever committed to film.

With an exact running time of 21 minutes this could well be the perfect new video for that pre skate stoke – Give it a play now to check the gully radness.


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