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Pedro Barros 'Take It Back' Raw Files

Sep 2019 by Route One

Vans' recent release 'Take It Back' has to be one of the gnarliest videos of recent times. A magnificently crafted trifecta of insane skateboarding sections, we've watched it countless times since it dropped and even now, after nearly a month, we still can't pick which bit we liked best! Obviously Rowley was amazing and he defo gets those legend points but it was easily Ronnie Sandoval's best ever part and Pedro had some of the most brutal ripping we've ever seen!

So, with that in mind, we're super stoked to see the first of the 'Take It Back' raw files being released on Thrasher, not only to help us decide which was our favourite but also just to see even more from the guys in the vid; it really was that good!

First up is Florionapolis, Brasil burler Pedro with what can only be described as facemelting transition ripping, including that pre fire front blunt hammer at Romford that really isn't possible. Seriously, just watch it for yourself, how on earth he managed that is something we'll never know!

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