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Pizza 'Thaw and Order'
Pizza 'Thaw and Order'
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Pizza 'Thaw and Order'

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One
  • Pizza skateboards skate thaw and order

The Pizza boys are back and they're mixing up early 90's style house with HD cameras; just like ham and pineapple it sounds like it shouldn't work, but the result is pretty bloody tasty!


Cuisine analogies aside, this brand new clip is an absolute belter. Smashing way through the ten minute mark with awe-inspiring shredding from the likes of Ducky Kovacs, Chase Webb, Michael Pulizzi and more, the Pizza name is repped hard by this group of lads who are equally at home on some messed up ditch terrain as the crazy rails you're more likely to know 'em for.

Getting back to the puns, the brand owners themselves quite happily play on the many avenues their moniker facilitates; "Thaw and Order" allows not only a nod towards the frozen variety of their culinary namesake, but an editing homage to the classic US TV drama of (nearly) the same name that'll likely give you a chuckle. And if that doesn't mean anything to you I wouldn't lose sleep over it, the skating's great and we suppose that's all that really matters anyway!

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