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Primitive 'Never'
Primitive 'Never'
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Primitive 'Never'

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  • By Route One
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Hot on the heels of Antipodean skate legend Shane O'Neill's departure from the brand, Primitive skateboards drop this completely un-hyped full length 'Never', and we have to say it is one of the best videos we have seen in quite a while!


It does seem the notion of producing longer, full team videos is increasing in popularity this year and if this video's success replicates the initial outpouring of love it seems to be garnering we reckon every team out there is gonna be following the same path as the second half of 2018 progresses. 

Featuring full parts from the majority of the squad (and even a few tricks from Bastien, praise the lord!), P-Rod and the Primitive boys have not been messing about with this one. Carlos opens up with the kind of footage you've come to expect, new boy Wade joins Diego for the dopest three minutes of the year, Devine brings his A game and Trent McClung pulls the part of a life time seemingly out of nowhere! Seriously, there are some ledge hammers towards the end of his first song that are beyond incredible. Serious doff of the cap to the youngest McClung - you proper killed it this time ol' cock!

Then there's Primitive main man Paul, coming through with a completely unexpected part (unexpected as last year he said he'd never film one again!) to finish the video off. Given the nature of the editing we reckon this could well be his swan song from the pro ranks (or certainly video production) and he once again produces the goods and gives us something that stands proud amongst his stellar back catalogue. If it turns out this is his last ever part then he's definitely finished on a high.

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