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Primitive Skate x Biggie Promo
Primitive Skate x Biggie Promo
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Primitive Skate x Biggie Promo

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Primitive Skateboards damn near broke the internet with Diego Najera’s welcome part last month and the big man is back, this time to open up this amazing tribute to everyone’s 90’s East Coast favourite – the one and only Biggie Smalls.

The prospect of six minutes from one of the most stacked teams in the business right now is sure to excite anyone with a pulse and, as always, P Rod’s boys do not disappoint. That said, when setting ‘Road to Riches’ to some classic VX camera work, how on earth could they possibly fail!?!

Trent McClung holds his grinds longer than anyone should, Devine knocks out some ‘easy on the eye’ night time Raekwon hammers, Carlos Ribeiro cruises for days, Shane O’Neill’s Venice lines will leave you begging for more and Nick Tucker brings his A game. We think it’s fair to say they did Ol’ Chris Wallace proud.

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