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Primitive Welcomes Robert Neal Officially
Primitive Welcomes Robert Neal Officially
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Primitive Welcomes Robert Neal Officially

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When it comes to picking and nurturing talent you can't front on Paul Rodriguez, Heath Brinkley and the Primitive crew. As illustrated with the stratospheric career trajectory of Diego Najera, the boys behind the brand know talent and know how to get the best for the rider and the wider company as a whole, keeping their watchful eye open as their team blossoms before them.


As this brand new video illustrates, Robert Neal has been part of the picture for quite some time. Initially coming to their attention at a pre-Street League meet and then paying his dues as a flow team member for the past few years, it's safe to say the San Bernadino native has put in the graft and is now being rewarded in the most handsome of manners.


Dropping a full part, followed by a retrospective of his journey to 'official team member' status, Robert's stock is certainly rising and it's easy to see why P Rod carries so much faith in him. Kids out there often ask what they need to do to get sponsored and they could do a lot worse than following this young man's example. Stay humble, work hard and most of all enjoy yourself - it's the recipe for success and having a good ol' time along the way!

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