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Primitive Welcomes Tiago!
Primitive Welcomes Tiago!
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Primitive Welcomes Tiago!

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One
  • primitive skate tiago lemos

Hands up, who saw that one coming!?! The rumour mill had gone into overdrive and whispers were seeping through from locals at Macba that he had been spending a lot of time in the company of P-Rod's boys and now it's finally official – Tiago Lemos is pro for Primitive!


And, we have to say, it's a move that makes perfect sense. Though we commend Tiago's loyalty for sticking with Boulevard for so long he was always going to move on to a brand that could support and nurture his standing in the world and Primitive really does seem like the perfect amalgamation of big industry reach and a family like quality. Plus, on a selfish tip, they knock out footage with alarming regularity so hopefully we'll be seeing plenty more of Tiago as the months progress.


Talking of footy though, as much as the first half of this welcome video is Carlos Ribeiro surprising your boy down Macba, there's a clip or two in here more than capable of melting your face so to speak and the switch varial heel at the end is classic Tiago - you know you've seen it so you know he's done it but realistically you know there's no way it should be possible. As we said before, Tiago on Primitive means more footage and more footage means more mind blowing moments like this. Stoked!

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