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Que Saguaro

Apr 2021 by Route One


Brand new Milton Martinez and Simon Bannerot? Count us in with bells on!

Volcom (unofficially) celebrates its thirtieth anniversary with a tour of the south west that brings together the cream of the brand's current crop and leaves the claustrophobia of lockdown as little more than a distant memory.

Piling into the van and taking it old school, Martinez and Bannerot (alongside Provost, Hassan, Majerus and more) attack every ditch, rail and park Arizona and New Mexico have to offer - to watch it is like welcoming back a dearly departed friend (and pretend as if Covid never happened), such is the comforting normality of skate tour life.

Not that there is anything normal about the skating with that crew! We don't wanna drop too many spoilers, so won't write a play by play list, but we will tell you that Simon Bannerot drops by far the greatest early grab of all time. No exaggeration, his ender is like nothing you've even seen before. Just wow!


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