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RAW EDIT: Jamie Foy 'You Good?'
RAW EDIT: Jamie Foy 'You Good?'
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RAW EDIT: Jamie Foy 'You Good?'

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Red Bull gets in on that 'rough cut' action, sharing with us the raw footage (and a couple of meaty slams) from Big Boy Foy's amazing 'You Good? part.

Opening with a switch front crook pinching harder than a 70's misogynist, it's clear that the Deathwish pro didn't mess about when it came to filming for this vid. The slams he takes are particularly brutal and it's amazing to see the level of commitment he exudes in even the most precarious scenarios.

But concentrating on his bravery probably does Deerfield Beach's favourite son a disservice, as he certainly isn't one of those "more balls than skill" types. His footwork and ability to manipulate the board are up there with the very best of them, he just happens to have the cojones to jump on the kind of stuff that'll make most adults weep!

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