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Riley Hawk: Shep Dawgs 5

Jul 2016 by Route One

When we interviewed Riley a couple of years ago on a Lakai tour he was at that point where he was just emerging properly, as a skater in his own right, from his father’s shadow.

Now, despite his dad recently laying down a 900 on a standard vert ramp at the ripe old age of 48, when you mention the name ‘Hawk’ in skateboarding circles, it is Riley's name that now comes to mind. A pro board on Baker and a signature shoe for Lakai comes from sheer ability, nepotism never enters the conversation and deservedly so – he seriously rips!

This clip, from the latest Shep Dawgs crew release and shared by Thrasher, once again proves what an exceptional talent and all round rad skater Riley is. Mixing it up with the gnarliest of ditches, big handrails in lines and flip tricks that your local freestyle guy would likely say “eh?” to, Riley can do it all; it’s alright for some innit!?!

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