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Ronnie Sandoval 'Home Again'

Nov 2022 by Route One

You don't mess with Channel Street; it'll tear you down and spit you out given half the chance, such is the severity of the gnar. Equally, you don't mess with Ronnie Sandoval. We guess it must be a San Pedro thing!

So what happens when an unstoppable force meets the immovable object? Ronnie Sandoval comes out on top of course. Out on top with a brand new part for Dickies!

It really is a treat to watch if we’re honest. Obviously every park has its local ripper, the guy who knows all the lines and has each inch of coping dialed, but how many parks are as brutal in construction as Channel Street? And how many locals are as sublimely skilled as Ronnie Sandoval? Bet you can guess why we're sharing this with you now!

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