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Rough Cut: Austyn Gillette's 'Radiant Cure'
Rough Cut: Austyn Gillette's 'Radiant Cure'
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Rough Cut: Austyn Gillette's 'Radiant Cure'

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  • By Route One
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The trend for raw and "unedited" rough cuts continues at a pace and, as big fans of the genre, we couldn't be more pleased! Allowing us, as it were, a truer look at our favourite pros means not only do we have more opportunity to understand and appreciate their battles, but we get to see even more rad skating, which we're sure you'll agree is no bad thing!


Last week was P-Rod, giving us our fill of his latest Primitive hammers, and now comes Team Handsome founder member (and one of the most stylish guys around) Austyn Gillette with the B-sides and trick battles from his latest part 'Radiant Cure.' Coming in at well over a quarter of an hour this is epic viewing of the highest order. The tricks are sublime & the fits are even finer; if style and grace crossed with pop and power are your thing then we have the next 18 minutes sewn up for you!

As always (much like all the greats of our time) Austyn remains effortlessly timeless in both his trick selection and attire, something the fly-by-night insta stars really oughta take heed of. In an era where everyone is good and everyone else is trying to stand out it takes a real bit of class to truly rise above the rest and Austyn has that in spades. Watch him paint the most beautiful of scenes with his seven ply brush and understand nobody needs triple flips and brightly coloured camo because this is how it's meant to be done.

Head over to Thrasher to check it out.

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