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Route One Folkestone Trip
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Route One Folkestone Trip

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One

The wait for Folkestone’s new and revolutionary multi-storey indoor skatepark has been tantalising, but finally the doors are open, the ledges are waxed, and coping is being slashed. We were pleased to be able to make the trip to Kent with our crew in tow; pro team members, Jordan Thackeray, Sam Beckett, Amy Ram, and Rianne Evans; and national riders Diggs English, Ross Zajac, and Chris Bailey; alongside Skate Team Administrator, George Young; and our lovely tour guide Mikee Cee.

On arrival at this veritable skate mecca, we were taken aback by the sheer size of the structure and the obscure architecture, as the bottom of the bowl protrudes beyond the walls of the building. Once inside, a lift was our method of transportation, a shiny portal of mid-skate jokes and trash-talking before arrival on one of three floors, each home to a world-class skatepark. The first floor plays host to an impressive pair of bowls; the second, the street park; and the third, the flow section. The crew spent a day and a half dropping hammers across F51 like they had sweaty palms in a Screwfix, before taking the energy to the streets for more street-based destruction.

 No more than ten minutes from the park we found a bounty of diverse spots across Folkestone, including hectic street quarters and a mouth-watering DIY located next to an old train station. We had an unbelievable weekend of skating in Kent and want to extend our thanks to Folkestone for all their hospitality. We can’t recommend F51 enough and we’ll be sure to swing by again soon!

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