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Route One Skate Team: Skateistan & Indigo Skate Camp
Route One Skate Team: Skateistan & Indigo Skate Camp
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Route One Skate Team: Skateistan & Indigo Skate Camp

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  • By Route One
  • R1ST route one skate Skateistan & Indigo Skate Camp

Back in April the we figured we needed to break in the freshly revamped R1 Team and what better way than that most classic of time honoured traditions; the good old fashioned skate trip. Not content with packing the lads in a van and touring the cold, wet and grey UK, we sent TM James Griffiths and his boys to South Africa to sample the exotic delights Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban.

This wasn't just some random 'stick a pin in a map' style choice though. For a good few years now we've worked closely with the indeterminably rad Skateistan , so this finally gave us a chance to witness first hand the graft the guys and gals have put in. The fact we were gonna get the opportunity to skate some amazing concrete wasn't lost on us either!

Further to our full length releases back in July, we're now sharing with you documentation of our time at the Skateistan Johannesburg compound and the equally magnificent work of the Indigo Skate Camp. These are great people making a real difference to children's lives, all through the power of skateboarding and we could not be more proud to showcase them both here for you today. Enjoy; we certainly did!



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