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Ryan Decenzo Darkstar Part
Ryan Decenzo Darkstar Part
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Ryan Decenzo Darkstar Part

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Well below us down with a feather (a Canadian Goose feather obviously), Darkstar pro and all round good human Ryan Decenzo has dropped a brand new part via the Berrics website and it's an absolute jaw dropper of the highest order!

Despite being the "wrong" side of thirty, seven years deep in the pro game and his last part containing the unfathomable switch front three down Wallenberg, North Delta native and Globe representative Ryan has somehow managed to step it up even further this time around, blowing the doors off what previously conceived feasible in big gap skateboarding.

Frontside flips that would make prime Reynolds think twice, the previously mentioned best switch front three in the game and an eye for the creative most rail/stair chomper seem to ignore, the elder Decenzo sibling really does bring home that (Canadian) bacon with this truly shocking four minute part. Get involved and witness the business below...

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