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Sam Beckett: Double Rock

Jan 2015 by Route One

Route One Skate Team rider Sam, alongside CRV WKD brethren Jake Collins and Steve Forstner, has only gone and got himself a ‘Double Rock’ part over on the Thrasher Website…

Sam tends to spend much of his time stateside these days, committed to Board sponsor Blind and shoe hook-up Vans. Being on such illustrious teams means connections are easily made and as such his invite to skate Thrasher Mag’s own private TF should come as no surprise.

Neither should the tricks performed within those walls. Sam is, as we all know, an absolute transition destroyer and this clip only goes to further cement his reputation across the pond. His flowing lines and big quarter hammers have sent quite the shockwave throughout SF and he still continues to surprise those who have skated with him for years.

Good on ya Sam, you’re doing R1 and us Brits proud!

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