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SBN’s Grotto Park

Feb 2015 by Route One

Adidas footwear's Silas Baxter Neal has the perfect way to get through those North West winters: his own indoor park – and it’s a beast.

This session, filmed and released over on the Thrasher site, features the Habitat lad himself plus the likes of Tyler Bledsoe, Brent Atchley and more tearing up the tight bank and boy does it go off. Some of the tricks are beyond bonkers and it’s one of those sessions that, if you were present, you’d just end up sitting down and taking in the brilliance.

It’s also great to see former Element pro Brent Atchley back on his board and getting some love; one of the best styles of the mid noughties deserves to be seen more often and we’re super stoked on any new footage of him we can get.


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