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Sean & Sage
Sean & Sage
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Sean & Sage

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One

There can be no doubt in anyone's mind that this past week must have been one of the toughest anyone associated with FA will have had to endure. Dylan Rieder's tragic passing at the age of 28 has cast a shadow over all of skateboarding but the hurt must feel especially raw for those closest to him in his final years.

Time will make things easier for the people he left behind but we don't expect we'll be seeing the jovial young faces of Sean and Sage as cool and as carefree as we've come to expect any time soon. With that in mind, US filmer Logan Lara has released the first part of his new video online and it harks back to those innocent times we all, as skateboarders, loved so much.

Cons riders Sean and Sage may well, like their idols Dylan and Dill, catch a lot of flack for their "out there" interpretations of personal style but their skateboarding is, more often than not, beyond reproach and this is one of those instances. Filmed ad hoc and with no pretension, this is raw skateboarding by two young men reaching the peak of their game. Let's all just enjoy that because, as this past week has taught us, life is short and there's only so much fun we can squeeze in before we go...

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