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Seimi Miyahara: Lenz II
Seimi Miyahara: Lenz II
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Seimi Miyahara: Lenz II

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

The Japanese skate scene has always been incredibly strong but, other than Foz And Heroin Skateboards’ visits and subsequent promotion of the likes of the Osaka Daggers, the country’s skaters have often stayed under the radar in terms of international recognition.

This all changed with the advent of internet video and the release of DVDs such as the now seminal ‘Overground Broadcasting’ and Shinpei Ueno’s ‘Lenz’.

The latter now sees a sequel in the form of ‘Lenz II’ and Seimi Miyahara’s section has been put online as a teaser to get you interested and, my oh my, what a tease it is!

This is shear radness; we dare you not to yelp with delight at the first lipslide flip out!

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