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Shane Heyl : STIR IT

Apr 2021 by Route One


You've gotta admire Shane Heyl. Though he was sponsored in the late 90's he'd be the first to admit he didn't quite have the requisite ability to be pro in post THPS universe. But, as his love for skateboarding runs deeper than most, he remained a peripheral industry figure, first as TM for Bootleg before eventually founding the uber-successful Shake Junt.

He kept skating too, and though he was never quite able to reach the level of his peers (which is fair enough, given his peers were Andrew Reynolds and Erik Ellington) he always ripped and recently, at the ripe old age of 44, he put out probably his best footage to date in the form of his 'Stir It' part.

This near half hour 'behind the scenes' opus of his quest for the new video is testament to his commitment and love for the game. With nothing to prove and little to gain beyond a sense of achievement, Shane knuckled down and went in hard. The lad is 44 and a company owner, by rights nobody should be skating this hard at that age!

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