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Sidewalk Magazine: An AWS Retrospective…

Jun 2014 by Route One

The single most shocking piece of skateboarding news in recent years has to be the seemingly overnight demise of the much loved Alien Workshop. Sidewalk magazine have delved behind the rumours, hearsay and speculation to bring you this beautifully written retrospective of the final 12 months of its 24 year tenure at the top of the game.

Written by the youngest (and hippest) member of staff, Altoft’s own Farran Golding, it is evident that this article (along with the myriad of historical audio visual linkage) was lovingly crafted by a genuine fan of the brand and the people involved.

So, for a change, instead of idly clicking a link that’ll take you to the latest energy drink sponsored wunderkind section, have a bit of heart and soul masquerading as a thesis on the demise of one of the most important brands skating will ever know – it’s a cracking read plus there’s a shed load of grade ‘A’ footage throughout!

Just click the image below...

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