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SLS London : Photo Gallery
SLS London : Photo Gallery
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SLS London : Photo Gallery

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  • By Route One
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As well as having our resident Videographer we also managed to get our in house Photographer into the Copper Box Arena last weekend to capture some of the magic.

We are sure that by now you will have read you're fair Share of write up about the event so we'll shut up and let the photos do the talking!

Tommy Fynn KickFlip Krooked grinds SLS London

Stereo Skateboards pro Tommy Fynn arrived hungry, throwing down this Kickflip Krook in the warm up session before the judges had even entered the building!

Leticia Bufoni Bs Lipslide before injru at SLS london

Leticia Bufoni, Nike Sb's poster girl, was looking on point as every during practice with these solid Bs Lipslides. Unfortunately she injured her ankle and was unable to compete in the actual competition. 

Miles Silvas Switch Flip Durring the SLS Practice session

A casual Double set Session seemed to come out of nowhere during the warm up session, with all the guys effortlessly throwing down a myriad of tricks. This Switch flip really stood out to us and had all the characteristic of the steeze connoisseur that is Miles Silvas.

Max Kruglov Gap to Frontside smith grind

Straight from the depths of Russia Max kruglov started of the Qualifiers with this gap to frontside smith grind.

Jamie Foy Ishod Wair and Diego Najera at sls london

Anyone who’s anyone in professional skateboarding made an appearance however it was Ishod electric Personality that stole the limelight.

Ishod Wair Frontside feeble grind

Ishod Wair really has the whole package, the personality, trick selection, effortless style and strong shoe game!

Tiago Lemos Switch Backside Tailslide

We've seen all the videos however nothing could prepare us for how good Tiago Lemos' legendary SSBSTS was in real life! Truly a master.

Ivan Monterio tre flip fs lipslide

Considering Ivan Monterio is only flow for Nike Sb and he is skating head to head with seasoned professional then using the term underdog would be a bit of an understatement. However that didn’t stop him for absolutely destroying the course in London and tre flipping his was into everything, including the final!

Yuto Horigome nollie hurricane

The star of the show was undoubtable Japan’s Blind representative Yuto Horigome.

Street League London results

SLS World Tour London Stop Results 

1st - Yuto Horigome

2nd - Vincent Maliou

3rd - Kelvin Hoefler

4th - Tiago Lemos

5th - Trent McClung

6th - Ivan Monterio

7th - Gustavo Ribeiro

8th - Felipe Gustavo

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