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SLS Resurection: Hubba Hideout

Apr 2022 by Route One
If you started skating in the last ten years, chances are you're probably not familiar with SF's legendary Hubba Hideout. The 90's proving ground was barely skated, bar a six month renaissance when de-knobbed, for the last decade of it's life and then was pulled down in 2011.

By today's standards its description might not sound all that exciting, a long six stair shouldered between two downward sloping ledges, but its existence literally birthed the term hubba (owing to local Bay Area slang pertaining to the use of illicit substances the local homeless frequented the block for) and its status as a legendary skate spot is memorialised by its very own Wikipedia page.

To celebrate its memory (and perhaps move on from the tired standard comp format) SLS skateboarding recently rebuilt the entire thing, brick landing and all, and invited the world's best to see what they could do! Koston and P-Rod judged, handing out dollar bills for NBDs and the 47 minute highlights real shows you just how hard a six stair can be to skate. Or easy if your name is Braden Hoban!

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