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Sour 'Mental Ice Age'

Sep 2018 by Route One

Hands up who doesn't love Sour? Exactly as we thought, no hands showing and it's easy to see why; Sour has to be the best thing about skateboarding in 2018 and nobody is likely foolish enough to think otherwise.



Only a week since Free Magazine released their submission to the 'Battle Of Normandy' competition, Gustav's boys are back. This time for for Jenkem (and containing a fair bit more of the team than the select few in the Free piece), here are what will likely be described as throwaway offcuts that, realistically, are more entertaining than the majority of released content the rest of the industry churns out week after week.

Phone angles, drunken antics and general merriment are certainly nothing new in skateboarding - it's standard practice for most of us with every insta clip we post! But Sour do it in a way that not only makes them feel like mates, your own crew if you will, but also the dudes you wanna be like because their skateboarding abilities are just so special. We could go on about their approachability and their on board talents for ages but, realistically, it's just taking time away from watching them do what they do best. So sack off reading this and click that play button, you ain't gonna go wrong with this, of that there is no doubt.



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