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Sour Solution III
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Sour Solution III

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One
  • Gustav Tønnesen sour sour solution II sour solution III video

What can be said about this? No really, what can we actually say about a brand new full length video from Sour? If you don't know what Sour is then obviously we've got nothing to say to you and if you do know what Sour is then you're well aware that this Norwegian centric group of Barcelona based mates is the zenith of skateboarding activity, so we've nothing to add to that either.

We can say that this is the long awaited sequel to 2018's Sour Solution II, a video so magnificent it would have been perfectly legitimate for Sour to have closed up the skate industry for good following its release, such was the conclusiveness of their answer to the question "what is humanly possible riding a skateboard?"

But return they have and the result is this, Sour Solution III; a piece of work so consummate it has rendered our veteran skateboard commentator bereft of suitable adjectives to chronicle the highlights contained within. You'll just have to watch it and savour it for what it is; the third coming of skateboarding's apex team. We guess, with that, we've finally found something to say!

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