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Stinky Trouble 'Fondo St Life'

Apr 2019 by Route One

Normally the thought of a random crew of people you'd never heard of dropping a Barca holiday edit wouldn't be the kind of thing any of us were really interested in. Truth be told we doubt it's existence would even register in our heads. Every group of skate mates this side of the equator has had a winter break to the Catalan capital and, whether it be Iphone or VX, pretty much every one of them has knocked up a clip of the best footage they got whilst out there. It's great for the crew involved but, lets be fair, nobody else really gives a damn.

This clip is a little different though. The crew in question is Jacopo Carozzi's, though sadly he's not with 'em, so don't get your hopes up! His allegiance to these lads however should give you some idea of the level of skating and spot hunting involved; this isn't ground breaking but it's solid, rad and sure to remind you of those perfect winter days when the sun was out, the cervezas were cheap and Britain's rainy windswept streets seemed a million miles away from you and your friends.

And somehow it manages to not be boring, which is quite a feat! Well, until Macba shows up at 4 mins and 50 seconds but that was always gonna happen at some point anyway!

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