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Supra Residency in NYC

Feb 2016 by Route One

You may recall, the summer before last, that Erik Ellington and the Supra crew took up residency in the UK for a month and the resulting video contained some of the most epic skateboarding to ever take place on our shores. Well, this summer just passed, the same idea was taken to the streets of ‘The Big Apple’ and the video documentation of the Supra guy’s time in NYC has just been posted online.

Featuring Greco, Ellington, Lizard King, Pat Rumney, Oscar Candon, Boo Johnson, Sascha Daley , Dane Vaughn and Lucien Clarke, this is hands down the best video to come out of (quite possibly) the most documented city in the skateboarding world for many a year.

With absolute on point editing, first class filming and (it should really go without saying) top notch skateboarding from those involved, Supra, just like when it comes to designing their shoe line, prove you don’t have to follow the aesthetics of the latest trends to produce something of merit. In fact, doing your own thing usually blows all the standard generic gubbins right out of the water and this really is a case in point.

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