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The DC Promo
The DC Promo
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The DC Promo

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  • By Route One
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Truth be told, if you haven't seen this by now either your internet has been on the blink or you simply couldn't give two hoots about skateboarding. For those of you in the former category, let us get you up to speed with what you've missed, then you watch the madness for yourselves, mouths agape and jaws on the floor.

You've probably heard that T Funk went pro for Baker on the strength of his part; it's well deserved for the lad and he smashes it as you'd expect and in many ways you wouldn't either. Ollie one foot to front board anyone? And you've undoubtedly seen the insta poaching of Wes' Besos bump-to-bar hammer; we all know he's one of the greatest skateboarders of all time but that trick alone will take us months to get over.

That leaves us with current 2017 SOTY front runner Tiago Lemos and a part you probably haven't heard too much detail about, mainly because the insanity contained within renders all who view it speechless.  It's no hyperbole to say this is one of the stand out parts of 2017, there really are no two ways about it!

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