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The "Good Homies" Video
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The "Good Homies" Video

  • 3 min read
  • By Route One

As has seemingly become tradition in recent years, when January rolls around the guys at Thrasher take the newly crowned S.O.T.Y and a bunch of loosely associated humans on an epic trip somewhere warm in the world, with a view to releasing the HD captured radness onto us some time around Easter.

Well, the time has come round again and last night the powers that be at the world's biggest skateboard mag saw fit to drop the "Good Homies" video and it damn near blew our socks off. Featuring a stellar cast 'down under,' the crew (consisting of current skater of the year Kyle Walker, 2013 alumni Ishod Wair and future contender DVDL, alongside the likes of Louie Lopez, Peter Ramondetta, Chima Ferguson, Jackson Pilz, Zion Wright, Jake Donnelly, Nakel Smith and the ever agitated Jake Phelps) turn the urban architecture of downtown Melbourne into their own skateboarding wonderland.

The stand outs have to be the aforementioned three pronged Deluxe attack (Jim & Tommy really do seem to have the monopoly on the planet's most exciting skate talent these days) and it's our favourite young Dutchman Daan that really steals the show. Padless Nollie heels over vertical concrete channels are virtually unheard of (with good reason) but we know it will have been nothing more than messing about for Veldhoven's most radical son. 

These videos never disappoint and there are much worse ways to spend nine minutes of your time, just don't bother trying to figure out what they are; instead give this a watch and submit to the joy of seeing S.O.T.Y crew raising hell! 

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