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The MJ Interview You've Been Waiting For...

Oct 2018 by Route One

Remember when Marc Johnson spoke about 'big footwear brands' in his Jenkem interview, then everyone gave him sh*t a year or so later when he left Lakai for adidas? Remember the resulting fall out when Mike Carroll kicked him off Chocolate, publicly called him out and essentially character assassinated him for all and sundry to see? Remember the interview where MJ addressed it all and said what he really thought? No to the last one? Yeah, coz that interview didn't exist, until now...

It's no secret Marc has been through a tough time over these past few years; a descent into alcoholism as a result of his anxiety from filming, self-induced social exclusion and then, to top it all, losing all his long term sponsors in one fell swoop just because he changed shoe brands. One thing he hasn't lost however is his ability to articulate his thoughts and in this interview, released through the 'What Youth' website, his acerbic whit and vitriolic spirit is unleashed in all its glory to finally clear up exactly what he thinks about so many subjects, the end of his time at Lakai included.

We won't go into details here as this really is something that needs to be read in its entirety; few people in skateboarding think as deeply as Marc Johnson and even fewer have lived a life as full as this man - you know the dude has plenty to say...



Click here to read the full interview.

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