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The Romero Skater
The Romero Skater
Nov 2023 by Route One
Fontana, California's Leo Romero needs no introduction. Twenty years deep repping Emerica, the legendary Toy Machine pro presents his latest shoe with the same kind of do-or-die passion we all fell in love with back in those halcyon Emerica Mansion days, proving age is nothing but a number.

As he celebrates his 37th birthday at the end of this month, you could forgive Leo for choosing to rest on his laurels (and those fine Sole Tech earnings) putting out little more than slappy clips and the occasional mini ramp tech combo for the remainder of his days. But that doesn't interest our lad Romero! Dropping his second Emerica part this year (it's only eight months since the phenomenal 'Skater') few could argue with the notion of a second SOTY run, 13 years after he first took home the honour.

And a nomination really should come as no surprise. Few skaters half his age are attacking with such speed and, dare we say it, joie de vivre. Leo Romero clearly still loves skateboarding and, dropping a reference nobody under the age of 30 will get, everybody loves Leo!

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