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This Is Not The New Shane O'Neill Video

Mar 2017 by Route One

Hands up, who got the reference? Not many of you I'll bet. To be fair though, unless you're a connoisseur of skate videos from the last millennium, the chances are you (as well of most of the current crop of the general skateboarding public) haven't heard of Matt Hensley and Mike Ternasky, let alone the infamous 'This is not the new H-Street video.'

Shane himself was actually born in the year of its release, maybe that's where the inspiration for the title of this brand new 'non part' comes from. Or maybe it isn't, who knows!?! Either way, what we have here is the result of Primitive Skateboards pro Shane spending nine days cruising around Melbourne last summer with nothing more than a trusty VX in tow. Sounds pretty basic yeah? It really isn't! 

As we are all aware, few people can hold a candle to the technical prowess of Zigram23. So, even in circumstances such as this, where the ideas of hammers and NBDs take a back seat in favour of long cruising lines, Shane can't help but slay the urban architecture in front of him in the most precisely abstruse manner imaginable. If you like your skateboarding smooth, hard and with a doff of the cap to our ground laying forefathers, this is exactly the clip for you!

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