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Thunder Welcomes Hermann Stene
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Thunder Welcomes Hermann Stene

  • 2 min read
  • By Route One

Real Skateboards' Norwegian connection Hermann Stene produces the proper goods in this amazing 'Welcome' clip for Thunder trucks.

The dictionary first defines 'Proper' as "denoting something that is truly what is said or regarded to be; genuine" - that's not really relevant. Its second definition however reads "the required or correct type or form" and this definitely applies. Whilst skateboarding is of course subjective and one may favour, say, flip tricks into ledges over frontside fives on vert, there is a level of skateboarding so un-fudge-withable (we're family friendly round here!) that pretty much anyone can agree that it's of the highest calibre.

This is what Real deals with and this is why Thunder Trucks have put Hermann Stene on the team. Click play to watch some truly 'proper' skateboarding right now.

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